Tomorrow’s climate protection goals are being achieved today

Here, we are already achieving the Federal Government’s 2050 CO2 climate protection goals – at the same cost as a conventional supply today.

Self-learning control

Discover just how intelligent today’s technology can be: the self-learning control centre integrates and regulates all the components and systems – as needed, and conserving resources.

Power-to-Heat/ Power-to-Cold

See how Germany’s first Power-to-Heat/Power-to-Cold system generates a choice of heat or cold from electricity as needed, thus stabilising the electricity networks.

Welcome to the future of energy supplies

The EUREF Energy Workshop by GASAG Solution Plus is a project by GASAG Solution Plus together with innovative and renowned traditional companies that want to promote the practical implementation of the energy transition with new ideas, new concepts and new technologies.

At the EUREF Energy Workshop by GASAG Solution Plus, we are already achieving the 2050 climate protection goals – at the same cost as a conventional supply.

We will show you the future of energy supplies – with solutions for entire districts. Come and see how the ultramodern components interact and are supplying the Campus with heat, cold and sometimes even power all year round! Further information about the EUREF campus and the companies located there:

The site has been laden with energy for over 100 years. In the past, gas was produced here. Today the entire EUREF Campus is a unique centre for innovative solutions that visibly testifies to the increasing success of the energy transition: a modern district of a capital city with an intelligent supply on a 5.5-hectare site, with around 165,000 square metres of floor space for offices, commerce and a wide variety of events.


ultramodern systems and technologies that are really being used!


the answers to important questions about the energy transition!


Follow us now on a virtual tour through the EUREF Energy Workshop by GASAG Solution Plus! Take a look here at what you can experience on the ground, in full size and under real operating conditions!


Ultramodern technologies in real-life operation

Find out which forward-looking solutions and technologies have been installed to supply heat, cold and sometimes even power, and can be viewed on-site during ongoing operation.


Combined heat and power plant

  • provides the whole base load supply of heat
  • uses biomethane as a fuel
  • sells electricity back to the grid under the law on renewable energy (EEG)
  • generates around 52% of the heat required
  • could supply about 630 households with heat on its own
  • an work in “modulating mode”
  • uses biogas from the GASAG biogas plants in Schwedt

Viessmann gas boiler

  • use natural gas as a fuel
  • are switched on to provide heat at peak load times
  • produce a temperature of about 110°C
  • generate 2 x 2,100 kW of thermal power
  • work as a low-NOx plant
  • can store extremely large amounts of heat
  • do not need any additional storage units
  • provide low-emission combustion
  • generate low nitrogen oxide emissions

Wilo pumps

  • differential-pressure-controlled pumps distribute heat
  • create the flow pressure for the entire district heating network
  • work with electronic speed regulation
  • are highly efficient despite low energy requirements
  • consume about 50 per cent less electricity than standard pumps
  • combine 4 pumps in a cascade system
  • regulate the pumping capacity required, over a large range
  • use roughly 2.5 km of pipework
  • employ a radial distribution network

Internal CHP plant

  • generates heat and electricity with a 4-cylinder engine
  • generates some 8% of the heat for the Euref campus
  • is capable of supplying 158 households with heat on its own
  • provides the internal power required by the Energiewerkstatt

Control centre

  • processes information from more than 1,000 data points
  • receives weather forecasts to help control the energy centre
  • is connected to the buildings on campus
  • provides a communications channel between the production and consumption ends
  • tests the campus network using a smart grid
  • markets electricity from the CHP plant via a connection to the energy exchange
  • uses remote maintenance, sending error reports to the servicing department in seconds
  • The energy centre is part of what is known as the EcoPool virtual power plant
  • The EcoPool guarantees the required degree of power grid stability

Vapour compression refrigeration units

  • are vapour compression systems run on green electricity
  • cool the IT facilities of the companies on the campus
  • have the same cooling capacity per unit as about 6,500 fridges
  • work with a flow temperature of approx. 8°C and a return temperature of approx. 12°C
  • make compression redundant at low outdoor temperatures
  • use the only refrigerant still approved, R134a

Power-to-heat/power-to-cold plant

  • is the first plant of this kind in Germany
  • saves excess electricity from renewable plants as heat and cold
  • together, the two forms of storage offer various storage options
  • can provide operating reserves all year round
  • is connected to the energy exchange via the control centre
  • is directly activated when electricity prices are low or negative
  • can be used for buffer storage for the combined heat and power plants


  • Stabilizes the grid and supports the expansion of renewable energies.
  • 1.9MWh of storage capacity
  • 1.25 MW connected load
  • Control power for the grid
  • can buffer excess current from the grid and from the CHP
  • uses traction batteries after their use in test vehicles


View the EUREF Energy Workshop by GASAG Solution Plus with the aid of audio-visual media or guided by experts.

A tour lasts around 60 minutes and can be arranged for groups of up to 20 people. You can choose between German and English.

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You would like to have an in-depth program on topics such as mobility, energy, climate innovations, start-ups, energy-efficient construction?
Our partner specialized in visitor services Inpolis will be pleased to advise you and put together an individual program for you.


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We would love to know whether you enjoyed your visit to the EUREF Energy Workshop by GASAG Solution Plus. Was it an interesting experience for you? Were you able to understand everything? Would you recommend a visit to your friends and acquaintances?

Share your opinion with us:  Here is the feedback from some of our visitors:

„At first I thought it would be boring, but then I found it totally fascinating. You hear a lot about the “energy transition” everywhere, but who knows what it really means? Now I’ve got a better idea of what it’s all about.“

Marcus B.

„I was really impressed by our visit to the Energy Workshop. Very informative and easy to understand. If only things could develop faster everywhere to accelerate the protection of the environment and climate. The Energy Workshop shows that it can work – although it is just the beginning.“

Helene M.

„The climate protection goals are already being exceeded here. Great! The entire industry ought to take this as an example and invest in the future in the right places. A high production output should not be given precedence over protecting the environment!“

Klaus Z.

A shared goal

The EUREF Energy Workshop by GASAG Solution Plus is a project by GASAG Solution Plus together with innovative and renowned traditional companies that want to accelerate the actual implementation of the energy transition with new ideas, new concepts and new technologies.